Becoming an Architect in the UK: The overall process

If you want to become an Architect in the UK, it takes time, dedication and hard work. The route to full qualification is typically as follows:

This route would take a minimum of 7 years to complete, however, many people choose to work for longer between their Part 1 and 2 to save up money for their studies, or before starting Part 3 to build up their knowledge, expertise and experience. The Part 3 course can be started as early as the September following the completion of your Part 2 course, and is studied on a part time basis. Duration ranges between schools from 12 months to 24 months.

An alternative to the traditional route has been introduced by way of apprenticeships, which can offer Part 1 or Part 2/3 equivalent qualifications. Four universities are currently validated by the RIBA to offer the apprenticeships: London South Bank University, University of Bath, University of West England and De Montfort University.

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