Part Three: Recommended reading

The amount of knowledge you need to absorb is vast and selecting the correct books to rely on can make a huge difference to your learning. The list of books below are those I reached for most often and used during the open book exams. Recommended by tutors during lectures, by friends and colleagues, this small selection is a great starting point:

Most university libraries will have a good range of books suitable for Part 3 study, and many universities have a huge range of online sources available. The University of Westminster had a subscription to the Construction Information Service, which provided me with all of the contracts, and associated guides, that I would need. This service was incredibly useful and I would highly recomend using it if your university is subscribed.

Tip: Forming a study group with your fellow students can provide quick access to a wide range of shared material, as well as asking recently qualified friends and colleagues if they have any useful material to share too. This method gave me access to material unavailable from the library or online and too expensive to start buying.

Photograph of a library shelf
A well stocked library

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