Part Three: Mindset

Throughout the Part Three course, and especially so for the Oral, you need to have the right mindset. You are trying to demonstrate to the examiners that you are worthy of the professional title of Architect. If you do not have the mindset of the professional, if you are not confident in your role, you will not come across as a confident professional.

There are countless opportunities in the workplace to boost your confidence as professional. Speaking up during a meeting, instructing an external consultant or arguing your case with the planners are all factors that will give you a confidence boost. Presenting your Case Study project to your colleagues one lunch time is a great way to practice your presentation skills, demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of the project as well as opening yourself up to some constructive criticism.

It is also crucial to be positive in your writing of the Case Study and your Career Appraisal. You should be celebrating your successes, and projecting a positive message.

Published by Jamie Strong

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