RIBA Part Two (Postgraduate)

A RIBA Part Two course will build upon the knowledge already gained, whilst exposing you to more complex project briefs and more challenging research. Some people choose to return to the same university they attended for Part One, which can offer the benefit of a familiar surrounding. On the other hand, choosing a different university can allow you to conduct research or study in a specific area closer aligned with your career aspirations.

The course will be largely similar to the RIBA Part One course already undertaken, whilst the skills and knowledge gained during the Stage 1 practical experience can also feed into your projects. The project briefs at Part Two will be more advanced, to reflect your experience level and the higher demands expected of you, and you will be expected to develop your projects to a higher level. Many courses will integrate your optional modules with your design studio in some way, and students who obtain the highest marks typically capitalise on this integration strongly.

Any areas of interest that you have discovered in your career so far should be leveraged when selecting studios and other modules, and can really start to mould your professional profile within sectors or styles. A consistent approach to style and area of interest will help you to develop a strong, distinct and coherent portfolio.

Stage Two practical experience

Upon completion of your Part Two course, you will begin your Stage Two practical experience, for the purposes of your PEDR sheets. You will need to start completing PEDR sheets again, but under the Stage Two category. You will need to continue to do this even if you begin a Part Three course in the September following your Part Two course ending. This means you will be studying for Part Three, writing your Case Study and completing your remaining PEDR sheets all at the same time.

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