RIBA Part Three (Professional qualification)

Please note: The information contained here is based on my own personal experience at the University of Westminster, which will be slightly different to other universities.

The course run by the University of Westminster is based around one evening lecture per week, covering law and regulations during Semester One then practice management and finances during Semester Two. Each semester has one open book exam.

A personal tutor will be assigned to you early on, and they will set their own schedule for tutorials and setting of draft submissions, however, a semi-formal university deadline for a first draft will be early in Semester Two. This draft submission is mandatory but you will not receive a draft mark.

In early June your final submission will be made, which is comprised of your Case Study (10k words), your CV & Career Appraisal (4k words) and your full set of PEDRs in one single bound document.

Oral interviews are usually held in September, and are largely based on your Case Study and Career Appraisal. Results are announced in mid-October.


Approxiamtely 10-15% of students enrolled on the course at the University of Westminster will defer each year. A deferral could be needed due to the lack of a suitable case study project, delays to your project going on site or a whole range of other reasons. You can self-defer, or you may be encouraged to do so by your tutor and in January you will likely receive instructions on how to self-defer.

When you defer, you will defer two modules at the same time (Professional Case Study and Professional Development and Experience). You will be given the option to defer by 6 months for a January submission and February oral, or by 12 months for a June submission and September oral.

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